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Calculate the cost of storage in a warehouse

To calculate the value box, select the expected duration of storage and the necessary footage by dragging the diagram shown below.
Choose your period of storage and the necessary yardage.

leasable area

m 2

4 m 2

30 m 2



1 month

12 months

Calculate the area of storage in a warehouse

We offer a large variety of boxes 4m 2 before 30m 2

Storage 4 m2

Suitable for storing furniture and things.You can place a table, bed, washing machine, refrigerator and boxes of things.

Storage 5 m2

Conveniently fit more than 40 boxes or furniture and appliances from an apartment up to 35 square meters

Storage 7 m2

You can place more than 45 boxes, furniture and appliances: two wardrobes, a sofa, a washing machine, a refrigerator, cabinets and sports equipment.

Бокс 10 m2

Suitable for things and furniture from a one or two-room apartment up to 50 square meters

Storage 12 m2

Easily fit things and furniture from a two-room apartment up to 50 square meter

Storage 20 m2

Storage is suitable for storing goods of a small online store or furniture and appliances from a three-room apartment up to 80 square meters

Storage 30 m2

Storage for busines

4m 2

Given prices 0%

0 ₴/month

or 0 ₴ for the entire period

Calculating the cost of storage services (calculator)

To calculate the value box, select the expected duration of storage and the necessary yardage by dragging in the diagram above. Or you can always contact our advisors, they will help determine the size of the warehouse and prompt, which option is best for you. This will help to make the most correct choice and avoid unnecessary spending of money.

Practice shows that clients often overestimate the size of the desired box for storage. The cost of storage of stock is calculated individually for each client, depending on the storage time. The longer the storage period, the cheaper the monthly rent. Leaving things in the “Storage Room” for a long time is beneficial.

Affordable tariffs for warehouse services, reliable security system, convenient location, availability of additional services.

Payment for services

1. By bank card using LIQPAY system.

To pay, you need to click the button on the site "Get an invoice by email" and in the window that opens, specify: your email, the amount of payment, and the name of the payer. After that, a special invoice with an active "Pay" button will be delivered to your mail. When you click on the button, a Liqpay payment system window will open in your browser, in which you can select a payment method: googpepay, applepay or enter payment card details. Additional registration in the system is not required.

2. Through the Kladovka mobile app (available on googleplay and appstore).

Storage box rental services can be easily ordered and paid through a mobile application. To do this, you need to download and install the application on your mobile phone or tablet. Enter the application and register in it and accept the Public Agreement (acceptance is equivalent to the written signing of the box rental agreement).

a) For existing customers, the possibility of paying through the button on the main screen of the "Agreements" application and the "Payment" button next to the details of the agreement will be immediately available.

b) For new customers, you need to select an available box through "My boxes" and go through the steps to pay for it. After paying for the box rental agreement through the application, a new client can immediately arrive and load their belongings into the rented premises.

To access the warehouse, please open the application and present your QR code to the guard, which is opened via the "My QR code" button.

3. Payment at the company's office with a bank card through a contactless payment terminal.

4. Payment by receipt at bank branches

This is the most common payment method in Ukraine, the transfer can be made in any of the banks.

An invoice can be ordered from the manager at the Kladovka office or by phone.

Be sure to keep the receipt issued by the bank employee.

What should a person who has recently encountered the problem of finding a warehouse do? Where can I find quality service at an affordable price? In the following note, we will try to give some practical advice to those who are interested in the cost of storage in a warehouse.

The choice of warehouse services: what determines the price of the premises?

Solving this problem is not easy. You can study the offer of the most popular companies on the market, but the prices of such companies are usually much higher than those of private leasers of small premises. An alternative to such a search may be an attempt to find the storage space you need, provided by individuals, or by small companies, such as "Kladovka". When studying the offer of such services, be sure to pay attention to the price list with prices for services.

The price will vary depending on the type of container. The following types of storage are usually distinguished:

- Complexes;
- Containers;
- Modules;
- Boxes;
- Cells.

Experienced carriers prefer to arrange such a service as safekeeping of goods. The cost of safe storage of goods is usually slightly higher than conventional storage services. This is because the lessor, having issued a similar form of storage, assumes additional risks for the goods.