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Mon - Sun 05:00-22:30.
During the curfew, the warehouse is closed!

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Rules for storing things in the Kladovka

Types of permitted and prohibited items into storage and cargo


  • Seasonal storage
  • Storage of tires
  • Crossing
  • Vacation
  • Kids' things
  • Suburban equipment


  • Animals, plants
  • Weapon (its parts, ammunition)
  • Flammable substances
  • Toxic substances or gases
  • Foodstuffs

Storage conditions

Mini warehouses

The warehouse is divided into boxes (mini-warehouses) of different sizes using metal partitions.

Individual lock

Access to the box is through a door with an individual lock.


The warehouse is equipped with an elevator with a carrying capacity of 2 tons for delivery of goods to any floor.

In stock constantly working

Ventilation and air humidity control

Video surveillance and security post

Electric heating

Fire alarm and fire fighting system


How does Kladovka

Choosing Boxing

Select the desired module size for you at any time


Pay for storage rental services on-line


Order the delivery of things right from home

Question answer

How does the Kladovka work during the curfew?

Execution of the contract:

Mon - Fri 9:00-18:00

Access to the warehouse for customers

Mon - Sun 05:00-22:30

During the curfew, the warehouse is closed.

What is a separate storage box?

For temporary storage of things "Kladovka" offers its clients individual boxes - these are rooms with walls and a door, to which only the client has access. The client receives an individual code to turn off the alarm, and the client can also hang a lock at the entrance to the box.

Do you have any porters, transport, packaging materials?

You can always buy the packing material in "Kladovka", also well we can organize packing, loading, unloading and transportation of your stuff.

Is it possible to rent a box for one week or a few days

Sure, the "Kladovka" offers the most flexible service system. You can select any storage area and term.

What is the difference warehouse safekeeping and self-storage complex.

The main difference lies in the fact that the safekeeping companies does not give the client the possibility to use his property at his own discretion, what can not be said about the "Kladovka." When safekeeping is organized at the highest level, then in order to pick up your belongings, you need to go through a lengthy issuance procedure. While renting a box in the "Kladovka", you dispose of property as you wish full-time, it is a good and cost-effective alternative to safekeeping.

You can transfer the key to the personal boxing family (husband, wife, brother, sister)?

You use own lock, so you can dispose the key on your sole discretion and pass an access key to proxies. For safety, you must provide a list of authorized persons.

The company's services include video surveillance of the boxes?

Yes, video is one of the services. Thanks to round-the-clock video recording on surveillance cameras, you can make sure that there are no strangers near your box.

Is it possible to conclude the contract on the day of delivery of things or it must be done in advance?

You can sign an agreement with the "Kladovka" immediately on the day of delivery your stuff and immediately start using all the services. You can also contact us by phone and reserve a box of the required size in advance.

Is storage of furniture included in the services provided by Kladovka?

Yes. You can trust us to store things of any size. The temperature and humidity in the facility meet the standards and suitable for storing furniture, and a high level of security allows you to store even valuable things. The sizes of the boxes are very different: small rooms can be used to store boxes with things and small furniture, larger ones - for large furniture, bicycles, strollers and other things.

May enter into a contract one person, and take out the other belongings?

Of course, but you must provide a list of proxies, only they may have access to your box.

How much space the company can provide the same customer?

Available boxes vary in size. Minimum boxing area of 1 square meter, and the maximum - 30 square meters. The client can rent several boxes depending on the size and number of assets. The biggest demand for boxes constantly, so it is better to reserve in advance. However, we will do our best to choose the best option for you, even if you go without an appointment.

The boxes have shelves?

Kladovka delivers racks for rent, this is one of the additional services. By default, there are no structures in the pits.

How can I pay for the services of temporary storage?

You can pay for services in cash at the "Kladovka" office before the end date of the service period specified in the contract. If you are unable to come to the office, you can always pay for services by bank transfer from your bank account to the company's account. Or you can transfer money through any bank branch. Please note that when paying for services by bank transfer, take into account the timing of crediting funds to the "Kladovka" account, make payment for services in advance (no later than 2 days before the end date of the service period specified in the contract). How often can you visit the individual storage warehouse? You can visit your individual premises on any day of the week and on holidays. The opening hours can be found in the corresponding column on the website. You can visit the box without prior appointment and registration at any time convenient for you.

Is it possible in the winter to keep the motorcycle in the box?

No, the Kladovka conditions in the "Kladovka area" correspond to the office, so the Kladovka of such vehicles is prohibited.

Do I have the ability to change the property on a temporary storage warehouse under a single contract?

When renting a Kladovka space do you choose the most convenient option for themselves, taking into account the features of the property and its size. In the future, you can manually adjust the nature of the stored items and their numbers within the area you selected warehouse without additional costs to the renewal of contracts, registration and the list of stored objects, in contrast to the responsible Kladovka warehouses.

What is the temperature of the storage rooms in the winter?

Even on the coldest days the temperature in the pits does not fall below 10 degrees.

Does the cost of the rental amount and the amount of stored items?

No, you just rent a box desired area, it does not matter for what purpose rented room for us. For storing office documents, the wheels of the car, furniture, etc. The cost of Kladovka of the wheels and the documentation will be the same, you pay the price of boxing.

Does the "Kladovka" on the weekend?

Kladovka is open on weekends and holidays, you can get acquainted with the current work schedule in the corresponding section on the website.

Can I additionally insure their property, which is going to be stored in a box?

Of course, you can make an insurance contract, by signing an individual storage agreement.