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Every season, car owners carry out a tire change. For proper storage, there are a couple of aspects to consider so that by the time you need them, the rubber is in perfect order and ready for use.

A brief educational program for storing tires indoors

Preparing for the change of season requires a minimum of effort:

1. Before storing your tires, make marks on them to help you position each tire in the correct place in the future. If you are using tires with directional tread, mark the rear and front wheels differently to avoid confusion. It is convenient to use caps on spools of different colors.

2. Total cleaning from dirt and stones is a mandatory procedure because the remaining dirt negatively affects the condition of the rubber and accelerates its aging. Ideally, each surface should be treated with a special compound that protects the tire from destruction. You can find a tool at a tire fitting, at points of sale of auto parts.

3. If storage conditions are optimal, then you do not need special plastic bags. But you can play it safe to avoid contamination. If you do not remove the tire from the rims, you will need a sealed package, otherwise, you risk seeing rust due to the inevitable formation of condensation if stored improperly.

On the latter aspect, there is an important clarification: decide whether you will store the tires assembled with or without discs. The first option is preferable because the inside will remain clean. If the second set of discs is not provided, then you will need to remove the tires and pack them separately.

How to store summer tires assembled and separately

The main thing here is the correct location:

1. When storing complete wheels, it is advisable to hang them on the wall with a separate hook for each instance. If there is no way to hang the rubber, then install the wheels in a stack, one on top of the other. Replace them periodically to avoid deformation.

2. In cases where storage involves removing the rubber, stacking is prohibited: the weight will be excessive, deforming the lower tire, which you will feel when trying to install the rubber at the beginning of the next season. It is also not necessary to hang it on a vertical plane since without a disc there is a great risk of damage. The best option is to put all tires in a row.

Note: keep solvents, fuels and lubricants, and other similar products away from rubber, as they can damage the rubber.

How to choose a place to store your tires?

Like any material, rubber has a temperature and humidity range that allows it to last longer. Moderately dry and cool are the main criteria for selecting a storage location. Changes in temperature and humidity are contraindicated if you do not want to significantly degrade the performance of your tires. Overdried air is also not needed: small cracks form on the surface, due to which the strength decreases.

If you sum up the above, it turns out that the ideal place would be a garage, basement, or warehouse, in which the temperature does not rise above 25 degrees. Forget about the "old-fashioned" way - to store on the balcony: rain, snow, and sun will ruin the rubber.

If you do not have your own space where the necessary conditions are met, look for a specialized place. As a rule, such services are provided by service stations, tire fitting, warehouses for storing personal belongings. Such a service is paid, but it will cost less than purchasing a new set of rubber. Before the obligatory conclusion of a storage agreement, where the storage conditions are clearly prescribed, inspect the premises: it is advisable that equipment for measuring temperature and humidity be installed.

Calculate the cost of storage in a warehouse

To calculate the value box, select the expected duration of storage and the necessary footage by dragging the diagram shown below.
Choose your period of storage and the necessary yardage.

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We offer a large variety of boxes 4m 2 before 30m 2

Storage 4 m2

Suitable for storing furniture and things.You can place a table, bed, washing machine, refrigerator and boxes of things.

Storage 5 m2

Conveniently fit more than 40 boxes or furniture and appliances from an apartment up to 35 square meters

Storage 7 m2

You can place more than 45 boxes, furniture and appliances: two wardrobes, a sofa, a washing machine, a refrigerator, cabinets and sports equipment.

Бокс 10 m2

Suitable for things and furniture from a one or two-room apartment up to 50 square meters

Storage 12 m2

Easily fit things and furniture from a two-room apartment up to 50 square meter

Storage 20 m2

Storage is suitable for storing goods of a small online store or furniture and appliances from a three-room apartment up to 80 square meters

Storage 30 m2

Storage for busines

4m 2

Given prices 0%

0 ₴/month

or 0 ₴ for the entire period


Modern, affordable storage

  • Convenient warehouse location

    The terminals are located within the city so that each client can always use the main transport interchanges and public transport stops located nearby. You can transport things yourself or use a range of services - packaging and transportation to the warehouse.

  • Packaging and delivery

    We are willing to take the trouble of packing, dismantling and transportation of items. Often, packaging and disassembly of things takes a lot of time, and third-party stevedores services can lead to breakage and damage to property. If you want to avoid such trouble, please contact us and we will discuss the most convenient time for the packing and transportation.

  • The optimum temperature and humidity

    We know how important the temperature and humidity in areas where things are stored. The temperature in the pits even in winter is not lower than 10 degrees. We create the perfect microclimate for storage, it is not possible rusting of metal products, wood - dry and securities - to gain moisture. Ventilation ensures optimum moisture indicators.

  • Property security

    We use eight levels of protection at the same time, it allows for maximum security of your property.

  • Free WiFi

    While on campus, every customer can continue to work on the Internet for free. It is enough to specify a password from the company's employees.

  • Individual access to property

    Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Consultants will always provide complete information about services, promotions and prices, as well as help determine the right size of the box for storing your property. Access to the cells is carried out at any time convenient for you.

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Customer reviews

Hundreds of customers have trusted us their stuff

Vitaly Zhelikhovsky

Cool service, convenient location, very friendly and welcoming staff, I recommend for storing valuables for those who do not have a garage

Alexandra Baltyanskaya

You can leave your belongings during the move or renovation. Great service

Ekaterina Kurilyak

An ideal place to store things, not only when moving, but also those that have nowhere to leave at home) There is a guard, a loader. You can negotiate for unloading and loading. Convenient to call in. Personally, I like that only the owners who rent the "closets" have access keys. Inside there are conveniences in the form of a toilet, where cleanliness is observed.In general, for a place where various things are stored, it is quite clean.

Andrey Kren

An excellent service for storing things that are not often used at home.

Just V

We have been renting a warehouse here for a long time. We are happy with everything. There is an elevator, carts, security, you can call in by car

Vikka Paine

At the time of the renovation, I handed over furniture and things in boxes for storage for half a year. I am satisfied with the company, the furniture remained intact)) Affordable, friendly staff, you could get into your box at any time. Recommend

Arseny Shevchuk

A great innovation in an urban life full of unnecessary things. Anything little needed or rarely used can be stored here. Constant temperature, dry room, access 24 hours. The only negative is that the services could be cheaper.

Juliana Black

Excellent storage service. Recommend


Storeroom - service of storage of things and cargo in Odessa

"Kladovka" - is one of the largest companies engaged in self storage in Ukraine. We work with individuals and large companies. Everyone has the opportunity in "Kladovka" to rent a box, a mini-warehouse to store the required size of the property, things or goods of almost any type to the correct time.

Complex "Kladovka" is equipped with modern video surveillance and security of the building and the area provides professional security service.

In addition to rent warehouse services, for greater comfort, we offer customers a wide range of additional services including: packaging, shipping, packing, loading things, special equipment for the transport of goods within the warehouse.

We want to make your life easier with the help of self storage services, goods and documents in Odessa. "Kladovka" will free the space of your home or office, the preservation of furniture and other property, which is the value, will take care of packaging and shipping items. At any time you can change the size of the rented box, move from one mini-warehouse to another.

Pay for the services you can in any convenient way:

- bank card in our office,
- via the Internet, taking advantage of convenient for you payment system.

We take care of our clients, develop payment services, offer insurance programs for stored property. For regular customers, there are flexible systems of discounts and promotional offers for renting a box.

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Prohibited to store in the Storeroom

  • Animals, plants
  • Weapon (its parts, ammunition)
  • Flammable substances
  • Toxic substances or gases
  • Foodstuffs